Google AdWords Audience Manager and Google Analytics Remarketing Audience Definitions Tutorial

Google AdWords Audience Manager and Google Analytics Remarketing Audience Definitions Tutorial

admin | August 6 - 2020

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Check out our Google AdWords Audience Manager tutorial and Google Analytics Remarketing Audience Definitions Tutorial. We go through Google AdWords Audiences that you can target on the Search, Display, Video, and App networks. You can target Customer List audiences created from upload your email list, Remarketing audiences, App users, Website Visitors, and YouTube viewers.

You can use the Audiences you create in Google Analytics and Google AdWords in your PPC Advertising Google AdWords campaign. For example, you can target people with relevant ads based on the products they viewed on your ecommerce website. You can target people on your email list who are also using Gmail or browsing the internet. You can target people who have viewed your YouTube videos. You can target people who use your App. There are so many options in terms of targeting and Audiences can be a great way to drive leads, conversions, and sales.

We start the video by going through Google Analytics Remarketing audiences. You want to go to the Admin screen, Audience Definitions, and then Audiences. From there, you can set-up all sorts of different audiences. You can then click to create a New Audience and you can choose from the following options: Smart List, All Users, New Users, Returning Users, Users who visited a specific section of my site (e.g. /index.html, shirts, /cart/), Users who completed a goal conversion, Users who completed a transaction. Then you need to set your Audience name, click Next Step, and then publish the Audience to your Google AdWords account.

We highly recommend creating a Smart List to begin with as well as an All Users audience for 30 days. In addition, you want to segment out your visitors based on the products, services, or interests they have based on the webpages they are visiting on your website. The more targeted you can make your Remarketing audiences, the better chance you have to drive sales.

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    1. You are making it EXTREMELY hard to contact you. I’d love to hire you, but I cannot find an email, website, phone number, nothing, anywhere 🙂 How can I (and probably a ton of other business you are loosing out on) contact you?

  1. Very Helpful,
    However, whats the difference and pro/con of creating a remarketing list on Google Analytics or in Adwords, Audience Manager?

  2. Thank you! But I want to know, how will I get visitors/ audiences email id when he/she complete purchases my goal free trial page.

  3. can you make a video on how to share audiences between two google ad accounts under the same Google Ad Manager?

    1. @CutyPets Yes I’m actually his ‘younger sister’ but he put a smell on me and now I just look older. 😀

  4. Hello! Great video! Do you know is it possible to exclude people from Google ads Campaign who already visit a specific website ? (Not my website)

    1. What you want to do is link your Google Analytics account to your Google Ads account if you haven’t already. Then, in Google Analytics, go to the Admin screen, click on Audience Definitions, then Audiences, and you can create audiences there and publish them to your Google Ads account.

  5. 15:26 about email and phone number. When i click customer list , it is give me this Your account is currently not eligible to use Customer Match

    what that means how can i fix that

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