Google AdWords Editor Tutorial – Google AdWords Editor Training For Beginners

Google AdWords Editor Tutorial – Google AdWords Editor Training For Beginners

admin | August 6 - 2020

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Check out our Google AdWords Editor Tutorial updated for 2017 and 2018. Our Google AdWords Editor training is meant for beginners and we will take you through the step-by-step process for getting started. We go through everything like downloading Google AdWords editor, installing, downloading your AdWords account data into the software, and then the basics on how to use Google AdWords editor to manage your campaigns.

We want to make sure you understand that you can work offline because Google AdWords Editor lets users make multiple changes in their account, create new campaigns, adjust targeting, edit settings, edit ad groups, edit campaigns, and optimize your campaigns using statistics.

You first want to get started by signing in using the AdWords Editor in-app browser or by opening a browser. You can sign into your Google AdWords account and then download all of your campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ad extensions, ads, settings, statistics, and all of your account data into the software. You want to download on the slower option and select all data every single time. Then you can make changes to your campaigns and post changes to AdWords.

We go over some quick tips, strategies, and more so you can learn how to use the software. However, the main thing you want to focus on is making changes, using the software, and watching Google AdWords editor tutorials just like this one.

25 thoughts on “Google AdWords Editor Tutorial – Google AdWords Editor Training For Beginners”

    1. exact match is most valuable. its what people search for, and you want to get maximum value out of that. Broad is opposite – more wide.

  1. for beginners? just a suggestion, you need to slow it way down for a beginner. This went so fast I was completely overwhelmed and really had no idea what most of this was even about.

    1. If you have any specific questions we can try to answer them. It took us a lot of hours working in Google AdWords Editor to understand it so it can be difficult to explain everything. We know we go fast at times so one thing you can try is clicking on the video settings and slowing down the speed to 0.75x or 0.5x.

  2. Great video! I tried to import the interests from google analytics (affinity and in market audience) in google editor but not working, Unknown reassson, It is possible another way? everytime i have to copy paste each interests. Thanks!

  3. How to use Google Ads Editor. I downloaded the file and when I click it open….. it restart downloading. i really do not how to use it and from to open it

  4. You can make a very detailed video of how to export and import complete campaigns from one account to another please. Google Editor

  5. i keep getting an error message saying

    It isn’t possible to change the start date for a campaign that has already begun. Re-enter the original start date.

    But i put the original start date in and i still get a red exclamation point and i can’t post my campaign. it’s driving me nuts.

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