Google Analytics Tutorial For Beginners – How to Set-Up Google Analytics on WordPress

Google Analytics Tutorial For Beginners – How to Set-Up Google Analytics on WordPress

admin | August 6 - 2020

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Check out our Google Analytics Tutorial for Beginners updated for 2017 and 2018. We go through your Google Analytics WordPress Set-up so you can learn how to properly manage your website analytics. When you are searching for a Google Analytics tutorial, look no further than our video.

First, we go through how to create your Google Analytics account. You need a Google account to sign-up and then you can start creating your first property. We set-up a website property but you can also use a Mobile App if that's what you want to track. You need to enter your website URL, website category, time zone, and then select what information to share with Google. You will then get your Google Analytics Tracking Code along with a UA identifier for your website. You can place the tracking code after the opening head tag on every page on your website. We go through how to set-up Google Analytics on a WordPress website by using Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP), which is an awesome Analytics WordPress plugin that will automatically add the tracking code for you.

After you have Google Analytics set-up on your website, there is a ton of data for you to go through. The whole point of Google Analytics is to be able to optimize and improve your website by driving more targeted website traffic and increasing leads, sales, and revenue. We first show you what Dashboards are and how you can Import custom Google Analytics dashboards that are highly rated. We then go through the Real-Time, Audience, Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversions tabs.

In Real-Time, you can see how many people are on your website, what pages they are visiting, where they came from, how long they have been on your website, and more. Real-Time Google Analytics allows you to see what is currently happening on your website. It's great to use because you will be able to understand your visitor flow, discover where traffic is coming from, and learning top Exit Pages and why people are dropping off your website.

After that, we go to Audience, which shows all the people who have visited your website.

29 thoughts on “Google Analytics Tutorial For Beginners – How to Set-Up Google Analytics on WordPress”

  1. Love yalls videos. Question on this, I am stuck at the part where you go into wordpress and add the global site tag. In my wordpress, I don’t have an editor options…under appearance I only have the options of themes, customize, widgets, menus, and theme settings. The username I am using created the page, so I don’t think it’s a matter of admin privileges, right? How can I add this if I can’t get there?

  2. Wow, you are very thorough and your communication skills are on point! I’m at 8:20 and already you’ve cleared up a lot of things for me. I will watch ten more minutes for tonight, but I’ll definitely be back to finish the video. I’m very impressed with this tutorial. The quality of the information is top notch!

  3. HI , great tutorial! But, I started on another plugin before I watched this video and I have an error. I inadvertently created 2 tracking ID’s. Which one is best to change the one in the WordPress page or the Google Analytics page? And if you could assist me me in the steps to change them . Thanks Rick

  4. Thank you guys… Which part of the video do you suggest u watch first?? A bit confused with all the videos

  5. Your tutorials are awesome! Really informative and a lot of value packed in here. Noticed you have a goal for Amz clicks. Pretty sure this is what I’m looking to understand how to do as far as goal tracking. Any chance you can provide some insight / guidance in a comment?

  6. Great content sir. One question, does analytics allow you to retarget the people that you track or would I need to utilize my Facebook pixel?

  7. Sir can you please help me? I have two businesses a d would like to know how do I add the second business website to my analytics account?

    1. You can set-up separate Google Analytics accounts or properties within the same Google account. If the businesses are completely separate, I would set-up a Google Analytics account for each website.

  8. Hello! First of all – I love your channel! Thank you for all the help. I do have a question in regards to Google Analytics. I’m trying to find out what the goal “Transactions (All Web Site Data)” from Google Analytics tracks? Can anyone help me understand this more? Thank you!

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