How to Install a Blogger Template – Upload a Professional Blogger Theme For Your Blog

How to Install a Blogger Template – Upload a Professional Blogger Theme For Your Blog

admin | August 6 - 2020

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Learn how to install a blogger template in 2019. I will show you how to find professional blogger templates and install blogger themes on your own blog. The standard blogger templates are outdated and look like old websites, but you can find free blogger themes that can be used to make your blog look much more professional, user-friendly, and mobile-friendly. I will show you how to find blogger templates for mobile and the best responsive blogger templates as well.

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The way to install a new blogger theme is to first create your Blogger blog. From there, you want to go to your dashboard. On your dashboard will be an option for 'Theme.' The default option will be to choose the standard themes offered by Blogger. However, most people will want to find a more professional, responsive template that makes your website or blog look beautiful. Use the 2 sources above and you will find a variety of blogs themes.

Once you find the Blogger theme you love, you want to download it for free. You will get a zip file on your computer that you can then extract. Open that folder, and you will see an XML file. On your Blogger 'Theme' page, click on the 'Backup / Restore' button in the top right corner. Upload the XML file, and click on the Upload button. After that, you will have a new Blogger theme installed for your Blog, and you can now customize it.

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29 thoughts on “How to Install a Blogger Template – Upload a Professional Blogger Theme For Your Blog”

  1. Please let me know if you have any questions about installing a Blogger theme. I am planning on putting together for different website platforms including WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and more in addition to Blogger.

    1. I have tried downloading and installing different themes. But now whatever the theme I apply, the before theme too is appearing along with a new one. How to solve this problem

  2. Awesome! Exactly what I was needed and looking to find! The right info at the right moment! Thank you 😍👍

  3. Dear bro… I really liked this video of yours very much. The reason….very calm and nice way to teach smthng to smbdy. No shouting at all..which i really hate listening frm other you tubers. Sub your channel for more info. Can you pls tell me which theme available on blogger should I use for my blog? Currently i am using Notable theme. Pls ans me.

  4. Hi, great video!!! I’m having an issue downloading the zip file; the pop up is asking for a payment to continue downloading zips….any way around this?

    1. No, you shouldn’t have any issues implementing Google AdSense ads on your Blog if you use a custom template.

  5. I have installed gridster template. the photos included in the blog post can not be seen in the grid. what should I do.

  6. instaling is easy
    now how to edit the layout on that downloaded theme?
    how to add or delete the layout or menu?

    1. It varies for each theme, but if you click on the ‘Layout’ tab through Blogger, you can adjust the menu and the layout. I will create a video about this topic in the future.

  7. That’s brilliant, thanks. I have downloaded a BTemplates theme, however I am having difficulties with changing and linking sidebar widgets etc. Do you have a tutorial guide for BTemplates?

  8. Great video sir I need your help. Regarding my Blogger. It shows Too many Redirects. I am not able to view my blog. My Google Ad sense approval is pending first I need to fix problem. Please text email id

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