YouTube AdSense Tutorial – How to Set-Up YouTube AdSense Monetization

41 thoughts on “YouTube AdSense Tutorial – How to Set-Up YouTube AdSense Monetization”

    1. I already reached 100$ on my youtube adrates/revenue but there’s no balance on my adsense account. please help

  1. I had monetized my second channel, i followed the instructions, ive upload a video, then after I finished, it shows that my monetization is not enabled?
    Does it mean i need to reach $100 to monetize my channel or am i forget something?

    1. You need to reach 10,000 views and then your channel will be reviewed to see if you can monetize your videos. As long as your videos follow the community guidelines you will be approved.

    1. Surfside PPC, hello! I signed up for adsense and submitted my application, but i have not received an approval email. Is it changed for 2018? PLEASE HELP

  2. please help when ipress sign in adsense in takes me to the adsens page where it says sign in again over and over😭😭

  3. Thank you for the videos, very helpful. I have a question, if I have multiple youtube account including my gmail account, Can I link all of them together by using only one adsense?
    thank you so much.

  4. When I click to sign up for an AdSense account it takes me to where I have to chose what Google account to use. Then after that it shows a prompt in the middle of the screen that says “This user does not have an AdSense account.” EVEN THOUGH WHAT I AM TRYING TO DO IS CREATE AN ADSENSE ACCOUNT!!! Please help me!

    1. What Do You Mean A Different Browser? Like A Different Computer, A Different Web Address Like Safari Or Internet Explorer? Cus I’m Having The Same Exact Issue & Iv Literally Tried EVERYTHING & Absolutey NOTHING Is Working 😔😔

  5. When I sign up for Adsense I use on of my YouTube video link after I get everything done it says that I need to continue through YouTube after it takes me to YouTube idk what to do

  6. the new rules really slowed me down. I decided I made my content for the love of filmmaking and travel and not for the money. Once I focused 1000% on my craft the subscribers and watch time slowly grew. I’m now just 287 subs away from monetizing. Closer and closer, cant keep us little channels down <3

  7. when i go to sign up it says “This user does not have an Adsense Account.” and it wont let me sign up and it says “Reload, Try classic”

  8. Hi Surfside PPC, thanks for this video.. i want to ask if for instance that i have two youtube accounts and link them together?

  9. Great video! What about if I upload a video about shopping at Target and Walmart and monetize it, will they then sue me because I’m not allowed to film there? Really worried about the copyright thing. My monetized channel is not this one btw.

  10. Please I need your help sir
    Whenever I click enable on monetize, it takes me back to videos manager please I need your help sir

  11. I’m happy I found your channel. You make solid content without all the fluff. I’m making a course on a platform that I own. Is it wrong to use a few of these videos there to train some of my people. In time I plan on making my own but in some areas I’m still learning as well.

    1. Thank you and yes you can! My more recent videos have better sound quality, but feel free to share the videos and use them as you wish.

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